Anna Tsukervanik
This was not the language of spaces, but of sheer emotional anger, the harmonics, the pizzicati; the sinuous bowings given a language all their own.
— Harry Rolnick

“Pianist Conor Hanick and violinist Anna Tsukervanik, performed a set of unforgettable Webern miniatures, Four Pieces for Violin and Piano. […] Tsukervanik especially rose to the occasion, using the required modern violin techniques with sensitivity and expression that captured the composer’s essence.” / By Daniele Sahr

“ […] it [Arvo Pärt’s Fratres] was given an absolutely ferocious performance by the stunning Uzbek violinist Anna Tsukervanik.“ / By Harry Rolnick

“The opening piece, Arvo Pärt’s “Fratres” required an intense virtuosic performance from Tsukervanik, and she delivered the music, but also a certain theatricality, a range of motion which gave Pärt’s elysian piece bodily importance, bodily weight.” / By Jake Romm